The Future of This Blog

Not to outshine my wedding last Friday, this week marks my two-year blogiversary! While this is an exciting achievement, the way my life is going may cause this anniversary to mark the beginning of a few changes here at

Back in November 2016, my first post read,

All day long I live, act, and speak as a Christian, hearing about the evils of atheism. I’m so dishonest with everyone I come in contact with, save for my loving atheist boyfriend, that when I’m alone I can barely be honest with myself. “What are you?” he would ask me when everyone was out of earshot. “Say it. You’re not a Christian. You don’t have to lie.”

I eventually swallowed my disgust with myself and mustered a whisper: “I’m…an atheist.” Being nearly impossible to admit does not make this statement any less true. Going to an oppressively Christian private college does not make it any less true. Attending mandatory chapel services does not make it any less true. Bowing my head for prayers before classes does not make it any less true. Being a part of a resolutely Lutheran family and coming to church every time I come home does not make it any less true.

And these issues became the bases for many blog posts, where I vented about everything from my experiences at Christian college, to holidays with family, to wondering what I would do once I graduated and moved out. But I’m in a very different place now. I’ve accomplished a lot, and a lot has changed in the past two years, including:

I’ve always known that the stress of my life and the success of this blog had an inverted relationship. I know how weird it sounds, but when my atheism would cause me great distress, I’d joke with myself that at least I could get a good blog post out of it. But now, fortunately, I’m in a much better place where I don’t have so much to vent about.

This blog has much more to it than just my life story, mostly including book reviews, thoughts on atheism, religion, and science, and a few series of posts like Apologetics 101 and Apologetics 102. But even on these topics, new ideas seem to be fewer and further between. It is taking me longer and longer to finish books as I begin to add in non-atheism-related novels into my reading list, and I don’t have college classes like Apologetics 101 to complain about. As my thoughts are consumed by moving, holiday planning, job hunting, and navigating marriage, I have been more free to live my life and less concerned about being oppressed by religion or coming out of the closet.

With this newfound freedom and (finally) independence to live my life as I choose, I don’t really have much to vent about. And at the risk of pissing off my family, I’ll mention that knowing they could read any blog post I choose to write, I don’t really have the choice of complaining about any silly Christian thing they might do anyway. Admittedly, it is probably healthier this way: if they do something I have a huge problem with, I can now talk it out with them rather than exposing the madness to my almost-but-not-quite 1,000 followers.

That being said, this blog has been one of my favorite things in my life for the last two years, and I’m not ready to let it go. So instead of ceasing to post, I may begin writing significantly shorter posts, or not posts that are 100% on-topic regarding atheism. Maybe it’s time for me to expand my niche to social issues, more science, and philosophy. I will do my best to continue to publish every Sunday morning at 8:00, just in time for church, as I have almost always done, but if my posts become more infrequent, I will let you know first.

If you have ever had something you just wished I would address but I didn’t, even if it’s not entirely atheism related, this is your chance to request it! You would be doing this blog a favor while reading the content you’ve always wanted from me, whether it’s a question about my life or just a topic you’ve always wanted my thoughts on.

15 thoughts on “The Future of This Blog

  • Cool Blog. I happen to have an opposite journey, I grew up as an Atheist and then left Atheism, embraced Christianity.

    Most of the issues that you mentioned have been discussed in centuries. With Science and Religion, there’s work by Alistair McGrath, Arthur Peacocke, Ian Barbour, Michael Polyani. Ian Barbour has written views on it. I think there’s not many people who engage with their works, which is more challenging. From Paul’s writing, if Jesus wasn’t raised from the dead, then it certainty is true that Christianity is false. I am sure you’ve engaged with N.T Wright’s work.

    By the way, great writing skills!

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  • Hello !
    Thank you for visiting my blog and going through the latest post. I appreciate the gesture and found your bio really interesting. Atheism is something which is either misunderstood or wrongly interpreted by most. To begin with, heartiest congratulations for your wedding (I know it’s been a while 😛 ) and the 2nd anniversary of the blog. I am yet to go through other stuff you have posted but since you asked for suggestions, I second your opinion of diversifying the content of your blog which will not just keep the readers interested but will also be exciting and challenging for you. Sincerely wish good times, freedom, health and smiles for you 🙂 .

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  • I lurk here and I just want to say congratulations on everything. From getting married to moving forward with your life. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your take on many issues. I appreciate all the time and work you put into your blog.

    Over at mine I keep writing about the issues with evangelical Christianity, Neo-Calvinism and Christian nationalism. There is so much corruption and I keep dragging stories out and have people approach me. So I am going to try and continue to chip away that the problem. If you and your husband ever find yourself in the Washington, D.C. area let me know. I would love to buy you guys a beer and just get to know you better. We can share horror stories of church and more. I can tell you what it is like writing about church scandal and sitting through some of the churches I write about.

    Peace to you friend,

    Very Respectfully,

    David Bonner

    The Wondering Eagle blog

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  • You definitely should keep writing, as you are both an excellent writer, but also quite intelligent and insightful. I think it’s natural to vent about all the untruths you’ve been convinced to believe in over the years and writing out the why they weren’t true is an excellent way to sort things out in your mind and help a lot of other people who were having doubts and questions about what they believe. I think it’s help for people to watch someone go through the process of deconversion and the troubles this leads to with friends and family.

    For me, I was never a strong believer as an adult, so I don’t have a lot to vent out, and so despite being an atheist I try to fashion my blog in a way that discusses topics where all people can hopefully find some common ground. I certainly still do a post now on then on the topic of religion, but there is much to write about, and I think that since you are such an avid reader and suddenly have this weight lifted from you where you can learn about so many things with fresh eyes, you will find much inspiration out there. Good luck!

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  • Now you’re no longer in the closet, are you going to publish as yourself, or will you remain anonymous (which would be understandable, bearing in mind the apparent abundance of positively psychopathic religious types out there). I hadn’t realised you post ready for church-going on a Sunday (Der!) So are your posts atheist sermons? ;¬]

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  • It has been awesome seeing the progression of your life through your blog, and how you have managed to go from being an oppressed closet atheist to being much more open with your family and friends. I am gradually doing this now too.

    As for requests. I don’t know how you feel about sharing more about yourself now that many people know you’re an atheist now. What are some of your hobbies? You could write some posts on that, alongside what you normally write. But if you weren’t comfortable with sharing that stuff now I understand.

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  • You are a classy, intelligent, well-worded woman.
    This blog shows that.

    A blog doesn’t need a theme, or a road to follow, and now that you have guided yourself and us through your journey, you are now free to go wherever it takes you, from existentialism to first flowers in the spring, from pollitical concerns to books you’ve just read (and wanted to read, not HAD to read). Most of us will be right here wilh you.

    And the biggest joy of all, perhaps. If you don’t have anything to say, at some point, don’t. We”ll wait.

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  • I’ve been peaking into the world of quantum mechanics (and I do mean peaking!! It’s interesting, but a thousand miles over my head) People like Sean Carroll has a opinion on god and also Kree Irwin whose latest video almost makes you wonder about the existence of a god. Different perspectives from the world of physics. I can barely add 2+2…so…there’s a lot of ways to approach the idea of god.

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  • I think that branching out to other topics would be good. You will be able to explore these topics with the background of your atheism. While not everyone of my posts mention atheism, a good deal of them do.

    Good luck on your future blogging whatever the topics or future may bring you.

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  • So instead of ceasing to post, I may begin writing significantly shorter posts, or not posts that are 100% on-topic regarding atheism.

    Go for it.

    You are a good writer. I shall look forward to posts on a broader range of topics.

    Just think of this blog as your writing outlet.

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  • As someone old enough to be your grandmother, I can say I am very, very proud of you — for all of your accomplishments, for your transparency, and for your bravery. So many people are motivated by fear, and the fear of being “shunned by the herd” keeps lots of people safely (or so they think) in a box. This can be most any religion, but in the US, the one that has its biggest hand around our throats is Christianity. Being cast off from the heavenly herd is unthinkable, so we persist in keeping many versions of craziness alive. When I was your age (actually a bit younger) I started my search for what I call the golden-thread-that-runs-through-everything. I found it is everywhere and nowhere and if someone tells you they are the keeper, they want something from you. Thank you for sharing your journey, in any way you feel moved to do. And a heartfelt congratulations to you on your wedding. With love..

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  • When I was about 11 years old , I suddenly came to a startling conclusion :
    ” None of this crap could even possibly be true !” I am 73 and have never encountered anything to alter that original view of all things religious .
    Keep up the good work !

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