Hello! This is where you can find any posts that I’ve written for other blogs, as well as class essays, interviews I’ve done, and other bonus content.

Coming Out as an Atheist on That’s BS Podcast
A few weeks after my first time showing my name and face on this blog, I was invited to be a guest on a podcast! This is pretty much my first time ever being on camera like this. Take a look to hear my deconversion story (and my husband’s) straight from my face. You can also find it on all podcast apps!


Situational Criticism of William P. Barr’s Judeo-Christian Tradition vs. Secularism
This is my senior seminar paper from my undergraduate degree at Grove City College. In it, I critique a speech delivered by the United States Attorney General on why America’s declining moral landscape can be solved by a reintegration of religious teaching into an already religious country. If you don’t have the time to read the entire essay, I recommend taking a look at this blog post where you can read a summary and follow along with the slides of my class presentation on the topic.

An Apologetic Introduction to Secular Humanism
This information paper was written for my Apologetics 101 class. It’s an explanation of what the worldview of secular humanism is, and it’s somewhat of a rebuttal and correction of my apologetics professor’s twisted teaching. To learn more about how terrible this (very real) class (at a pretty highly regarded Christian college) is, click here.

CA: A Double Life on The Honest Us
I really love this post. The blogger is a classmate of mine who contacted me to participate in this blog project about Christian college misfits. She had been in the class to which I came out as part of a presentation last semester, and she wanted to know more of my closeted atheist story. She came to my room one night and we talked for over an hour. She arrived as an acquaintance and left as a friend after I poured my heart out to her, even telling her parts of my story I had never told anyone else (besides my fiance but he doesn’t count because I tell him everything). I highly encourage you to visit her blog to read not only my story, but the stories of other misfits like me.

Interview with the Closet Atheist on Awoken Kingdom
Stephanie, blogger at awokenkingdom.com, asked me I would agree to be interviewed for a project for a course in Christian Doctrine in which she had to interview someone with a differing worldview than hers. I was honored that she chose to interview me, and in this post you can read about our conversation and discover my views on origins, meaning, morality, destiny, and more.

Coming Out as Atheist on College Mate
College Mate is a relatively new “college survival guide” blog that features advice, stories, news, and more. They also have a lot of guest post opportunities! Wanting to keep my material light, I offered to write a guest post on college packing tips, being sure to emphasize that I would stay away from any controversial topic like atheism or religion. To my surprise, the blog owner responded that she would much prefer a post on my atheist coming out story! Depending on how much of my blog you’ve read, parts of the story might seem familiar, but in this post you will find the entirety of my coming out story to date all in one place.

Why Naturalism Does Not Inevitably Lead to Nihilism
This is an essay that I wrote long before I started The Closet Atheist for a Worldviews class. I argued against a point made by the author of our textbook about how he believes that naturalism leads to nihilism. I wrote this before I really knew much about atheism; I didn’t know much about morality and I had never heard of humanism. That being said, I argued that there is objective morality, which I don’t really believe in anymore. I also identified as a “quasi-agnostic positive naturalist.” That identification falls in line with terms we used in that class, but not anywhere else in real life. As of right now, I’m an agnostic atheist and humanist. If you want to read more about my experience taking this class and writing this paper, and how they changed me as a person, click here.

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