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Hello and welcome to She Seeks Nonfiction, formerly known as The Curious Atheist Blog! I’m Rebekah. Allow me to introduce myself…

My (Christian) Background

I spent my first twenty years living a Christian life. I was raised in the conservative Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, and even though I never really believed in God, I was so accustomed to being surrounded by Christians that I attended Grove City College, a small private liberal arts college an hour north of my home in Pittsburgh, PA. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Design and concentrations in Writing, but to be honest, I felt like I spent most of my time there being preached at. There were mandatory chapel credits and several required religion classes… and even the “normal” classes (for example, editing class) that were saturated with Christian ideas.

The Closet Atheist

To deal with the stress of living a Christian life with an atheist mind, I started this blog in November of 2016, when I was a junior in college. I named it The Closet Atheist, and I “named” myself that, too. No one was to know about my secret atheist blog, so for years I wrote without ever sharing my name, face, college, or location. I was known only as The Closet Atheist, and behind that mask I was able to write however I felt about my stifled life.

Coming Out

Ironically, but not surprisingly, while I went under the name The Closet Atheist, I was coming out to the people I knew, one person at a time. Once everyone in my life knew I was an atheist, or even an atheist blogger (I found out the hard way that nothing is private when it’s publicly on the Internet), I felt that The Closet Atheist wasn’t accurate for me or my blog. This was especially the case once I graduated from Grove City in May of 2018 and married my amazing atheist husband Johnathan in November later that same year.

The Curious Atheist

In May 2019, I officially changed my blog’s name from The Closet Atheist to The Curious Atheist, and I decided to share my real name (and new last initial!)—Rebekah K—on here! I was so happy to finally be thriving as an atheist in my own skin. I had become quite the reader by this point, having read several books arguing for or against the existence of God. As time went on, however, I started feeling more comfortable creating content on more topics than just atheism. I had begun writing in the first place to find solace away from the religion I was drowning in, but now that I was entirely out of the water, I no longer needed that solace.

She Seeks Nonfiction

During my time writing for The Curious Atheist, my appetite for science started running wild. I started learning everything I could about the study of human origins (paleoanthropology), and I discovered the incredible works of Carl Sagan. Soon I was so excited about the natural world and the history of science that I noticed I was barely talking about atheism at all. I still appreciate the importance of calling out religious bigotry and pseudoscience, but I realized that the problem isn’t all religion, it’s religion when it is used as a weapon. I knew that the word “atheist” can scare religious people away, even if those people are just as progressive as I am.

So here we are. My new blog title, She Seeks Nonfiction emphasizes the positivity, not the negativity, of my writing. My blog has become my place to write whatever is on my mind, discuss whatever book is in my hands, and encourage everyone to question more than just religion.

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  • April 14, 2019 at 10:43 pm

    I love JaclynGlenn! Not sure if I’ve watched the friendly atheist, but I’ll have to check it out now.
    I’ve only just gotten out of christianity a fews years ago and now I’ve written personal stories about how it affected my life in a negative way -but I’ve come to realize that might not be enough.
    I never really started to think rationally until college. When finally, finally! I was taught the importance of fallacies and studies. This new way of thinking has changed my life and I hope that I can use it to help me move forward.
    Your blog means a lot to me, I’m lucky to have a Dad thats been an atheist my whole life, but both my mom and brother are christian, so sometimes it can be hard.

  • May 3, 2020 at 4:32 am

    Reading this for the second time, I am disturbed by your description of your older sister, struggling to meet “quality Christian friends” at her secular university. This seems to go back to the prejudice you mentioned in point 2, where anyone who isn’t US, and doesn’t think and speak like us, is evil and anti-Christian. It’s not just religion. Many Polish-Americans will only marry other Polish-Americans, Chinese will only date Chinese, and the Jews…. Oy. Why can’t they just meet nice, open-minded people??! 🙄


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