Why the March for Life is Not Pro-Life

Why the March for Life is Not Pro-Life

This has been a big week in the world of women’s rights. Not only is January 22nd the 49th anniversary of Roe v. Wade but the 20th was the annual March for Life. Unfortunately neither of these days give pro-choice advocates much to celebrate. It’s great that women have been protected by Roe for 49 years, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing that 50-year anniversary. And the March for Life is cringey at best and a spine-chillingly ominous march of bigots at worst.

The hypocrisy of the March for Life

Well, there’s actually a lot wrong with the March for Life beyond its cringe factor and the feeling of dread it invokes. I don’t like to insult people unless it’s really necessary, but the March for Life is made up of a bunch of idiots. Let me explain.

When I was researching the MfL that took place this week, I came upon this page: the vaccine mandate FAQ page. Red flags are already waving.

The main march took place outside at the National Mall and Capitol Hill, which is great for them because the abhorred and apparently totalitarian vaccine mandate doesn’t affect outdoor gatherings. Unfortunately, it does affect their Rose Dinner Gala and their Capitol Hill 101 sessions at the Renaissance DC Hotel. To most of us, requiring proof of vaccination or negative COVID tests is more than reasonable for a large indoor gathering like this, but to the “pro-lifers,” it’s basically the Holocaust. (The FAQ page also says masks are required but I’m not buying that for a second based on this footage from the rally.)

An image from the 2022 March for life. Almost no one is wearing a mask.

It is disturbing that the MfL’s site has an entire FAQ page dedicated to how to get out of being vaccinated, but the comments are where it gets really bad. Since I know this page won’t be up forever and the link I shared doesn’t include the comments, I made sure to capture them all myself. You can read all of the comments here in addition to the ones shared below. (Zoom in to view and scroll.)

“Pro-lifers” protesting life-saving vaccines

Here are some of the most shocking comments.

What a bunch of pure traitorous baloney MfL!! Ever heard of resisting and saying NO? What about getting a restraining order and suing? Maybe the dinner should be held outdoors in heated tents on the sidewalk like Occupy DC would do? It is immoral to promote the COVID shots and runs counter to your mission of stopping abortion!!! I was considering attending the March, but am glad I am not going! Instead everyone should go the Anti-Covid Shot Rally on Jan. 23 at 11:30 am in DC.

Disqus user FRLBJ

I know several families who cancelled their plans to come to the March because you have succumbed to the mandates. Those who are standing up for life at great personal cost by not receiving an abortion tainted vaccine expected this pro- life event to be the one place they would be accepted and supported. My family is still attending the March, but you have allowed Satan to put division in our cause. You could have moved the March to a free state like Florida, Texas, or Georgia. We expected more.

Disqus user BK

At first I thought the outrage against vaccines was merely laughable hypocrisy because that’s just who these people are. I mean it is, but in their own minds they had a reason. The other comments started to clue me in:

HEK 293 was a Dutch girl. She should be turning 50 this year. The “March for Life” lost when they let them mandate you inject yourself with a gene therapy that was developed using her immortalized kidney cells. They lost. The March for Life is over. 

Disqus user Bernadette

These organizers have lost sight of what the March for Life is and definetly no longer understood. We are marching against abortion, against death, against being imposed on us the death of a child. HEK293 in the vaccine. The number 293 is the amount of times they had to try to extract the organs out of an aborted alive child..!

Disqus user RosaVera

While the HEK293 cell line is a thing that exists, it should go without saying that neither of these people have any idea what they are talking about.

The connection between a (possible) abortion and the vaccine

Until reading these comments, I had no idea that the anti-abortion people had a specific abortion-related reason to be anti-vax. But the Christian Nationalist Cinematic Universe is a strange interconnected web of conspiracy theories, and anything and everything can get swept up in it.

According to HEK293.com,

HEK293 is a cell line derived from human embryonic kidney cells grown in tissue culture. . . . The line was cultured by scientist Alex Van der Eb in the early 1970s at his lab at the University of Leiden, Holland. . . . The source of the cells was a healthy aborted fetus of unknown parenthood. The name HEK293 is thusly named because it was Frank Graham’s 293rd experiment.

Boston Herald

So we know just from a quick Google search, from the second paragraph of this website, that HEK293 is not “the organs out of an aborted alive child,” and it is not, as another comment says, “ground-up murdered baby injections.” It is a cell line taken from a fetus that had already been aborted (or possibly miscarried, according to other sources) and it is not even in the vaccine. Instead,

. . . fetal cell lines – cells grown in a laboratory based on aborted fetal cells collected generations ago – were used in testing during research and development of the mRNA vaccines, and during production of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Another comment even references the origin of this rumor—a claim that internal Pfizer emails show that the vaccine contains fetal cells—which, again, can be immediately debunked with a Google search. It’s especially ironic that the comment said “Go get the info,” but doing so would show that she’s wrong. So that’s good, I guess!

Wrong on so many levels

What if I decide to grant that HEK293 is “a Dutch girl who should be turning 50 this year”? And that, tragically, she died so that her cells could be used to develop the COVID vaccines? Wouldn’t that raise her to a Christlike, martyrlike status in which she died so that we could live?

In reality she had already been aborted anyways, but couldn’t we argue that the loss of one fetus would be worth the hundreds of thousands of lives that have been saved because of COVID vaccines? To center what March for Life supporters care about, I’d venture to say that many pregnant people and their fetuses have had their lives saved by the vaccines.

All this to say that the Christian, pro-life thing to do would be to get vaccinated, especially if there are “ground-up murdered babies” in it. At least then they wouldn’t have died for nothing. But there aren’t aborted fetuses in it. The only reason these people refuse the vaccine is selfishness.

I have no doubt that the 2022 March for Life was a super spreader event. I wonder how the marchers live with themselves. They claim to be pro-life while they spread a deadly virus when it could have been so, so easy to contain if they had just cooperated from the beginning.

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  • January 23, 2022 at 2:04 pm

    Tell it like it is: “I don’t like to insult people unless it’s really necessary, but the March for Life is made up of a bunch of idiots.” Thanks for the post. Another great one.


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