Confessing My Controversial Opinion

Each day this week, I’ve read one chapter of Jeremy DeSilva’s A Most Interesting Problem (which will be the focus of my next blog post). In the chapter “The Darwinian Road to Morality” by Brian Hare, the author discusses our co-evolution with dogs and the way that “dogs and humans are the first species known to have a between-species oxytocin connection.” He goes on to explain, “During domestication, the same physiological response that occurs between parent and baby evolved between human and dog. Dogs confirm Darwin’s suspicion that love is ancient, evolved, and present in many species.”

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On the Burden of Proof

When people find out that someone is an atheist, they usually have a lot of questions. I’ve seen, in my experience, that most of these questions take the offensive stance and are often accusatory. Atheists are used to hearing things like, “Where do you get your morals from?” and “Why do you hate God?” One of the most common of these quips is “How do you know for sure that there is no god?” which also takes the form of “Well, you can’t prove that God doesn’t exist, so disbelief is illogical.” These statements are the embodiment of the theist’s attempt to flip the burden of proof. Read more