Cringey Atheist Memes

If you hang out in the atheist part of the Internet, then you’ve probably come across at least a handful of some of our cringey memes. They’re some of the more shameful creations that you’ll see from our community. You get everything from ugly fonts, low image quality, and multiple layers of filters on screenshots, to fallacies, oversimplification of philosophical questions, and things that are really just mean. Below are a few popular memes that I’ve seen since I started my Twitter, and why I think they should probably just not exist. Enjoy!

The reason I started seeing so many of these all of a sudden is because I just started an Instagram! There are a plethora of accounts dedicated only to the atheist meme cause, and a lot of them actually bothered me a lot. On many accounts, I saw in their bios that “no religious people allowed” or something along those lines. However, I suppose it makes sense because so many memes have no point other than just saying disgusting things like “religion is a mental illness” or “religion is what you get when you don’t use your brain!” I guess that fellow atheists are supposed to get their confidence boosted from this, but it just adds to the way that people perceive atheists as cruel, condescending know-it-alls.

What do you think? Are they as bad as I think they are? Let me know!

19 thoughts on “Cringey Atheist Memes

  • Sorry Rebekah. I believe your’e reachinnggg.The bible IS a sadistic, corrupt text that frightens believers of all ages and scares the bejesus out of children. And engineers didn’t discover electricity, math, etc.
    In 1998 I read “The Blind Watchmaker” and when I hit page 225 my life did a flip-flop. As an advertising copywriter a thousand memes flashed across my mind and 3 months later sold mail order loans to a list of educators with the line; ‘An Apple for Teacher’ using Memes Galore.
    I admit there are many boring and repetitive memes out there. ?


  • I always found the one with Jesus knocking on the door and threatening people pretty funny, buy now that you’ve pointed out the font, I can no longer enjoy it 😄. Glad to see we Christiand aren’t the only ones who make horrible, inaccurate, cringey memes (and boy do we ever).

    Though I think the basement camera beanie guy comment might be my new favorite clapback.

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  • Sorry Rebekah, but I don’t think there’s too much wrong with most of these. Bearing in mind the force used by religious authorities and individuals to continue oppression, including the death sentence for ‘blasphemy’ in many countries, and genital mutilation for millions of baby boys across the globe, I don’t see how you can say ridicule isn’t an acceptable tool to counter the imposition of religion on society.
    I particularly like the one which makes the point that you don’t have to continue belonging to a religion just because you were brought up in that religion. It may seem overly obvious, but sometimes people need a little nudge to see the obvious.

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  • Memes are overly simple in general. I can’t decide if I love or hate them. I hate the ones about positive attitudes. As if people can choose to be happy. I mean who wouldn’t choose to be happy!? It’s not a choice if you have a mental Illness.

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    • These are memes… they are meant to be simple and funny. The fact that you have taken them so seriously and have analysed them like they are some scientific papers tells me that you are new to memes.


      • So since memes are simple, no one should be allowed to analyze whether they are good or bad, funny or not? Are they all equal? Why make them if no one can have an opinion on them?


  • I actually like that first one because it seems to me that the point rather is to lampoon the mainly American Protestant notion that nothing is real if the Bible doesn’t say it’s real, whether that be dinosaurs or the Catholic concept of purgatory, both of which I have encountered. Which is all the more hilarious since those same people don’t seem to realize that the word “bible” never appears in the Bible, among many other terms they use.
    A subject I deal with to some extent in my new YouTube video:

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  • I’ve literally stopped following a few dozen atheists Twitter & Instagram accounts solely for the fact that all they post is memes…

    Every now and then though, one will make me laugh. But I find it comforting that the meme could be from either camp.

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  • When one considers such things as Genocide,Slavery, Apartheid, War,Child Abuse, Burning Heretics,Human Sacrifice, Antisemitism, to name a few things off the top of my head all perpetrated in the name of religion, then yes, I’m sure the world can can stand a few memes, don’t you?

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  • You have written before that you wish some people (atheists or not) were nicer and less politically (religiously) incorrect or rude. So do I.
    I have no Twitter or Instagram account, but I’ve seen most of these before (do have FB). If I took them as literal as you seem to, I might cringe, too. But all I can manage is an eye roll, a suppressed chuckle, and a whispered “good lord.”
    How-some-ever, since research indicates that most people trust atheists less than rapists (so I’ve read, but maybe not true), a little meme humor between unbelievers seems innocuous.
    All that said, I’m glad you wrote and posted this. I would never repost any of these memes. So in a way, I agree with your basis. They are mostly tacky. Me too, sometimes. (Snickers like Precious Pooch.)

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  • I’m not a fan of memes in general because they strike me as a lazy of posting something without making a meaningful contribution, but not all of them are equally bad. The most cringeworthy atheist memes I’ve seen on Twitter are the ones depicting starving children. This strikes me as exploitative of human suffering, and I think this is the opposite of what we should be doing.

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  • Not sure if you’ve come to your Atheism by reasoning or if you’ve had an aha moment of clarity where validity of the entire religious structure crumbled before your eyes. In that regard, the memes are pretty accurate. On the reason side one still holds out for the sake of civility, careful not to offend the believer. Both views are valid. The memes stand on their own merits or you wouldn’t have published them, and that’s the idea of a meme.

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  • As a recipient of worse memes coming from “the church” I do not agree that these are “cringey,” because, well, turnabout is fair play. Also, you say many of these are oversimplified. Well, they are mini posters, what do you expect, a detailed discussion?


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