My Blog’s New Motto

Today marks my 250th blog post. Throughout these 250 posts, I have branched out to a lot of different topics, from reviewing books to exposing pseudoscience to debunking creationism to explaining how the atheist community can better practice their values. I know that there is some common theme that ties these topics all together (beyond the fact that it’s what I feel like talking about), but I have a hard time finding a way to sum it all up.

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Reflections on My Personal Evolution

Last month marks the three-year anniversary of my blog, but this week marks the end of not only a year, but a decade. I want to end this year with a little bit of introspection on who I am as an atheist.

I’ve made a few posts before on what type of atheist I am, my own personal evolution, and how my blog is changing. But I want to go into more detail about why I’m not your stereotypical atheist, even though perhaps I used to be.

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