Reading the Girl Defined Blog

If you don’t already know, Kristen and Bethany are two Christian YouTubers and bloggers who go by the title of Girl Defined. Their channel and blog are like the ultimate girly Christian blog, in comparison to some of the others I listed in my post Religion vs. Women (which is somehow my most liked post ever!). I’ve always been aware of them, and I have always been so very entertained by many atheist YouTubers’ reaction videos to some of Girl Defined’s more ridiculous (or as they say, radical) ideas. As it can be somewhat difficult to respond to videos through a written blog post, I turned my attention today to their blog and a few posts that specifically caught my eye. First, though, I want to give some background on who these girls are and, frankly, judge their life choices, not because it’s my place to do so, but because I feel like it and I want to.

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