The Dawkins Problem

One could argue the atheist community has an unspoken rule to respect the esteemed biologist and controversial atheist Richard Dawkins. People have several reasons to respect the man: he has advocated for atheism, he has communicated the science of evolution to the masses, he has written many beloved books; hell, the man invented the word “meme”. For many of us, there has been a lot to like about Dawkins. But a line must be drawn somewhere. Just because someone has done good things at their best, does that mean we can ignore the hurtful things they say and do at their worst?

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Book Review: Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi

I’ll be honest with you: Stamped from the Beginning is a very intimidating book in more ways than one. It’s a 511-page tome, which makes sense considering that it is, as the subtitle tells us, The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America. It’s won several awards, and for good reason.

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9 Things I’ve Learned Since May 25th

On Monday, May 25th, 2020—Memorial Day—I was enjoying a long weekend. It was exceptionally nice because my noisy neighbors spent the weekend away, and everything was peaceful and quiet at my house. Little did I know that on that very day, Derek Chauvin was murdering George Floyd and that an entire new civil rights movement was about to begin. There are a lot of things that I was about to learn, most of which I wish I could unlearn. But instead of taking back what I’ve learned, I have to own up to the ways that my own white privilege has enabled the system of white supremacy, and learn how I can use it to help create equality, justice, and peace for all races and all genders.

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Do All Lives Matter?

Yes, all lives matter.

So why, in that case, does saying so offend so many so deeply?

Since the Black Lives Matter movement began at the hands of three powerful black women in 2013, it has been criticized for its exclusivity. “What about white lives? Asian lives? Mexican, Russian, Indigenous lives? Don’t they matter?” people say. To this, those three women, and the global network that has since grown out of their movement, would say yes, of course. All lives matter.

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Matt Walsh is Being Persecuted

This week, I finally did something I have been wanting to do for a long time: I put “atheist” on my Facebook profile. It was less of a dramatic coming-out than I had anticipated; to see it, you would have to go to my profile and scroll through my “About” section and find it listed under “religious views”. I could have made it into a post that will show up in people’s News Feeds, but I didn’t find that necessary. I did, however, follow a number of atheist pages, and maybe one day I’ll share some of their posts for all my friends to see.

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